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Founded and chaired by Arnaud Goor, specialized since 2008 in welding assembly and a IIW graduate in MIG, MAG, FluxCore, TIG and SMAW welding processes. He gained his working experience in Montreal, Canada, within the company MO Design. Team leader for 5 years, he learned and developed innovative techniques in handling metal, glass, concrete and fiber optics with Eric Filteau, General Manager of MO Design, and in collaboration with designers and exceptional architects of Montreal, he contributed to major artistic and architectural projects.

By putting their knowledge of design and production together, luxury restaurants (e.g. the Foxy, Lavigne Bar, Notkins and Moleskine restaurants) as well as artworks in the famous Montreal Hospital (CHUM) and the BELL Center Laval, have been realised. Back in Brussels since 2017, AMW realised several projects including Rockets Café Presse (Forest) and both COCO Donuts (Sablon & Janson).

+32 499 82 08 28

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